Thank you for your interest in joining WV HFMA. You will be re-directed to the National HFMA website for registration and processing of your membership application. As part of this application process, you will be required to select a home chapter by state or location. Thank you again for your interest in HFMA and we look forward to seeing you at a WV Chapter Meeting very soon.

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Membership Application

Refer a Colleague for WV HFMA Membership

Do you have a colleague who would benefit from joining the West Virginia HFMA chapter? Email us the referral and someone will contact your colleague with an invitation to become part of our chapter. Please include your colleague's name, phone number, email address and physical address if possible.

HFMA is an organization whose value to members is proven daily through a variety of resources and opportunities. We strive to bring perspective and clarity to this industry's complex issues. Through our programs, publications and partnerships we work to enhance capabilities that strengthen not only individual careers, but the organizations from which our members come.

The Benefits

  • hfm Magazine 
  • Weekly News
  • Buyer's Resource Guide 
  • Resource Library
  • Local Chapter Membership
  • Professional Development
  • Career Development Resources
  • HFMA's online Job Bank. 
  • HFMA Special Interest Forums
  • HFMA Wants You To Know
  • HFMA’s Patient Friendly Billing newsletter
  • Professional Designations
  • Public Policy Initiatives
  • Premium Web Content



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